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Want to Become a Flutter Developer?

This will be your master plan to learn and practice Flutter, the awesome cross-platform UI framework. This guide will give you a secret formula to learning Flutter effectively and becoming a well-regarded Flutter developer. By the end of this action plan, you will not only learn Flutter but build a portfolio as a Flutter developer that people will notice. However, you must ensure you understand the instructions and take your practice seriously.

Self Taught

It will be a self-sufficient guide and action plan to help you learn App development with Flutter using the best free resources available in the internet by yourself in your own pace.

Project Based

It will be a project-based, self-paced learning guide with resources that give you the foundation to work on the projects. This will not teach you step-by-step but instead provide you with the knowledge and inspire you to work on your own


It will also be a reference of resources to learn and work with Flutter. For those who are already working with Flutter, this will provide reference materials on various topics.

Market Ready

It will also provide you with resources, ideas, and guides in each step to learn and enhance the skills apart from coding itself that are required for you to qualify and work as a Flutter developer.

About the Authors


Hey, I'm Damodar.

A self-taught developer currently employed at Appwrite as a Software Engineer. Since 2020, I've also been a Google Developer Expert for Dart and Flutter.

I help developers reach their full potential and advance in their careers. and I believe it is the highlight of my learning and contributing journey.

Using the same techniques, I was able to land Flutter clients as well as multiple job offers without ever mentioning that I was looking for work. And I've written down the tricks and methods I used to demonstrate to people that I'm a Flutter developer in the most effective way possible.

Everyone loves their friends and family; I loved them equally, but I also loved my progress in life and small contribution to the nation in the field of technology.

Hey, I'm Ambika.

A Flutter developer currently working at Yarsa Labs.

I consider myself to be a nice person with minor flaws and a lot of likeable good qualities. I hope to achieve success through hard work and good efforts. I'm learning to focus more on my goals in order to achieve them. It makes no difference whether you learn alone or in a group; what matters is whether you are on the right track. I am eager to share my knowledge and experience with you.

I established myself as a developer, and now I work for myself every day to improve my skills, which will assist me in reaching my goal.


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Become the first to gain access to the action plan and help us make it better by providing your feedback

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